September 2018  
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Greeter Team
Leader: Lois Larson and Barbara Murphy

Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you. In order to bring praise to God. Romans 15:7

Sunday Greeter Schedule


Description: Greeters offer hospitality and oversee the orderly gathering of GOD'S people for worship. Outreach is part of the Greeters’ ministry, since often times we are the first members of St. Johns that meet guests at our parish. Activities: Greeters greet and assist worshipers and guests, provide outreach, and pray for the congregation. Being a Greeter is an excellent ministry to learn about St. John's and meet many of the members. Goal: Our goal is to continue to offer the best service to St. John's as we have in previous years.

 Prior to the Service:

1. Arrive 30 minutes before the service starts, be ready to serve, and please be on time. Please wear the Greeters’ and your name tags.  Be organized and ready, be sure that your supplies and materials are at hand i.e. take some Greeter and Usher pamphlets from the Kiosk to have ready for newcomers.  Make name tags for visitors.  Ushers and Greeters work together.

2.  Based on three Greeters, one should stand at the front door, one should act as a floater in the Narthex (entry to the church building), and one should greet at the Sanctuary door. Greet everyone warmly.  Greeters pass out the bulletins and St. John’s church map to guests and any other information for that Sunday.

3. At the end of the services, Greeters and Ushers should invite guests to visit the Newcomer Welcome Table.

 During the Service:

Ushers will close Sanctuary Doors and take over greeting.

After the Service


1. Be gracious to all members and wish them a wonderful week.

2. Invite visitors to the Coffee Hour and stay with them until you are able to introduce them to Father Cliff and others.

3. Tell visitors about our Adult Ed Program.

4. If at all possible, follow up with a new visitor who returns again and make them feel just as welcome the second week as the first time they were here.



10:30 AM JULY, AUG, SEP 2018



July 1: Molly Jackson, Lois Larson

July 8: Kathy DesRosier, Sandy Ayers

July 15: Sandy Sydnor, Bertha Burdekin

July 29: Lois Larson, Molly Jackson


August 5: Peggy Larson, Lois Larson

August 12: Kathy DesRosier, Sandy Ayers

August 19: Bertha Burdekin, Sandy Sydnor

August 26: Molly Jackson, Lois Larson


September 2: Peggy Larson, Lois Larson

September 9: Bertha Burdekin, Sandy Sydnor

September16:  Kathy DesRosier, Sandy Ayers

September 23: Molly Jackson, Sandy Sydnor

September 30: Lois Larson, Peggy Larson