Celebration of Life Ministry

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Celebration of Life Ministry

When someone passes into the next stage of their eternal life the family and friends are often left in grief. CELEBRATING the life of that loved one helps them to move forward. Our ministry to them during this difficult time is to come along side and help them CELEBRATE who that loved one was to them in this life. We do this by holding a CELEBRATION OF LIFE RECEPTION. In essence, it is a party in honor of that loved one. 

The ministry is provided as our gift to them and all who will gather to honor that loved one. We ask simple questions like, "what was their favorite foods, colors, or flowers?" "Is there a bible verse that stands out to them?" We strive to make it as personally honoring as we can. This is a gift that allows them the time to join together and handle other details that are necessary.

This service is offered to all who attend whether members or not. It is a free offering by the congregration to the bereaved. God works out who is available and called to cook and prepare. Our congregation is asked to prepare and donate food, set up before and clean up after the celebration. In this way, the family does not have to think about the details. Their time is spent with their family and friends in conversation and sharing to CELEBRATE the life of the one they love.

The CELEBRATION OF LIFE MINISTRY has proven to be a witness and testimony of God's love to them and to visitors.

  September 2021  
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