Spiritual Journey for Men

Leader: Wayne Martin



The Spiritual Journey Program for Men sessions are the first Wednesday of the month, 7:30-8:45 PM, at the church.


After starting with Compline (An Order for Compline in the Book of Common Prayer on page 127), we pass around a piece of paper with the following prompts and respond to one or more of them if we want to:


Highs--something you're thankful for, especially experiences of God.
Revelations about God or His ways that you've received (and might be wrestling with) and how you're responding or thinking of responding.
Lows--especially struggles or challenges the group can lift in prayer.


Sometimes a volunteer will then briefly present his spiritual journey, and then after optionally responding we end with prayer.

These sessions are intentionally low key but often provide amazing experiences. There’s no pressure to share, and if a guy volunteers to talk about his spiritual journey he isn’t required to spend a bunch of time preparing--as the leader I’ll prompt him along the way if needed, and kindly guide him if time is getting short.

We haven’t had a volunteer speaker for a few months; it has allowed the group more time to enjoy some very interesting, even challenging, discussions. To ensure that we don’t hesitate to be open and honest with each other the standard rules for such small groups are adhered to. My short version of that list is: 1) What’s said is not repeated elsewhere--it stays in the room; 2) We don’t offer “solutions” unless asked; 3) No being soapbox preachy (telling everyone, indirectly or directly, what to do, how to live, etc.).

I hope more of you guys will join us. Send your email address to me at waynesRock@gmail.com if you’d like to receive reminders. -Wayne
  September 2021  
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