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Stephen Ministry at St. John's

“Often an awareness of the presence of God comes to us in quiet conversations. Two people begin to share from the depth of their hearts, and then gently become aware of a third presence, the presence of the Divine in their midst.

“As we open our hearts to another, we begin to discover the presence of love located within ourselves. This presence is always there, patiently waiting for us to notice.”  (Fr. Cliff Haggenjos)

This love becomes especially evident when Stephen Ministers are walking with fellow parishioners, who are in need of being heard while they try to work out some challenging times in their lives—divorce, death, health diagnosis, moving (new to the community), reduction of independence, retirement (chosen or not), job loss, children, dysfunctional family relationships and much more as life comes us at. Don’t go it alone call upon a Stephen Minister.

Who can be a Stephen Minister (SM)?

People like YOU! You may be wondering:  Is this right for me?  The following information may help you with your decision-making process. 

What does a Stephen Minister do? 

A Stephen Minister is called upon to provide confidential Christ-centered care for a fellow parishioner who is struggling through challenging life changing times.

A Stephen Minister devotes time (serving a minimum of 2 years following training) and energy to this ministry. He or she serves wholeheartedly with their personal presence, prayer, and faith in the Holy Spirit in regular meetings with the Care Receiver. A Stephen Minister can make a real difference in another person's life. Many Stephen Ministers say that they receive much more from the caring relationship with their care receiver than they give.

How are Stephen Ministers trained for this Ministry?

A Stephen Minister completes 50 hours of training (weekly sessions) before ever meeting with a Care Receiver.  He or she learns about listening, assertiveness, confidentiality, and other aspects of care giving.  

After completing the initial training, there are Stephen Ministry meetings two evenings a month. SM's also benefit from the Continuing Education on topics related to care-giving skills. Stephen Ministers are always assigned to same gender Care Receivers. 

When will the next training opportunity start for new Stephen Ministers?

At St. John’s Episcopal Church, we host information meetings before summer each year, followed by submittal of applications, then interviews and background checks for the safety of our Care Receivers. Classes typically begin in August or September with graduation and commissioning held at a Sunday service in the following Spring.

Mandatory training concludes when 50 hours (conducted approximately weekly for about 2-1/2 hours each session) have been completed. There is generally a break in training during the holidays. This training must be completed before a Stephen Minister ever meets with a Care Receiver.

I’m interested in either becoming a Stephen Minister to help others or I would like to find out how to have a Stephen Minister assigned to help me.

You are welcome to contact our clergy anytime:

  • If you find you are experiencing a life-crisis and are in need of a Stephen Minister to be assigned to you.
  • Or, to get information about joining this compassionate and loving ministry as a Stephen Minister.

Comprehensive information is available from Brochures in the Narthex (church Hall) and

Testimonials from Care Receivers at this web page:


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