Youth and Tweens Ministry

Michael Adams

If there is a guiding principle for St. John's Youth, it is that our young people feel loved and safe at all times.  When they eventually graduate from High School and go on to the rest of their lives, they will always know that there is a safe place where they will always be welcomed in tough times and in good.

We meet periodically, sometimes during the first half of the church services, or Sunday evenings.  We go out to dinner, we cook together, we watch movies, we talk a lot.  We have an annual winter retreat in the snow, an annual Christmas party with crazy gift exchange.  Over the past years several of our group have attended the Pathways Pilgrimages.  Some have attended Convention.  

We are about building community among our youth and providing a space where all questions can be asked.  Join us!

  December 2022  
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