Leader: Roy Larson

Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you. In order to bring praise to God. Romans 15:7

The Usher Team are eager to reach out and welcome each parish member and visitor that worships at St. John's.  Everyone who enters the doors of St. John's is a guest of God.

Ushers are here to assist all who attend the services.  Please feel free to ask an Usher  for any assistance you may need.

Joining the Usher Ministry Team is a wonderful way to meet members of St. John's.  Please consider joining this wonderful ministry to welcome all those that walk through our doors.  You will be richly blessed by participating in welcoming the community into our midst.


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Description: Ushers offer hospitality and oversee the orderly gathering of GOD'S people for worship. Outreach is part of the Usher's ministry, since many times we are the first members of St. Johns that meet guests at our parish. Activities: Ushers greet and assist worshipers and guests, provide outreach, pray for the congregation, insure the presentation of the elements by the congregates, count attendance, collect the offering, assist communicants at the altar rail and Celebrant as directed, while maintaining a comfortable environment. Being an usher is a good ministry to learn about St. John's and meet many of the members. Goal: Our goal is to continue to offer the best service to St. John's as we have in pervious years.


 Prior to the Service:


1. Arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the service starts and be ready to serve. Please wear your name and usher tags. Please read the bulletin before the service begins, so you are aware of any changes in the service or Sunday school. Attempt to have this completed before people begin arriving for the service.

2. Four Ushers (11:00 a.m.) and two Ushers (8:00 a.m.) should stand just inside the sanctuary doors, so that the Narthex (entry to the church building) will not become too congested. Greet everyone warmly. If they do not have a bulletin direct them to the Greeters, who will be distributing the bulletins, St. John’s church map to guests and any other information for that Sunday.

3. At the end of the services, Ushers may invite guests to sign the guest’s register.

4. The Usher team should do the following inside work: Make sure the offering plates and the Elements* (bread and wine) are on the table located in the rear of the church on the right hand side. If they are missing, check for advice from an Altar Guild member. Greet guests, as they will appreciate being shown to their seats or given a choice of seating. Also, fill out the count form which is found on the wall in Narthex.

5. Announcements are made before the service starts; also Rector will welcome guests. Ushers should remember where you seated them.

6. Just prior to the service, the Celebrant will offer a short prayer.

 During the Service:

1. Shut the doors to the sanctuary and remain inside the doors so you can keep track of the late comers, and the coming and goings of everyone.


3. Be sure to count everyone attending the service as indicated on the count form. One usher should go around to all the school rooms and enter this count on the attendance form.

5. During the peace, tell the Deacon or the celebrating priest the number in attendance.

6. During the peace, an usher should advise the Sunday school that communion is about to start.

7. After the Offertory Hymn (8:00), or The Offertory Anthem (11:00), there will be an interlude when the music begins, have the parishioners who are carrying the elements walk forward in front of you. After they have presented the elements and returned to their seats via the side row, bow to the altar and distribute the offering plates down the side aisles.

8. Collect the plates at the rear of the church. When the Doxology begins, walk to the altar and bow, place the collection plates in the large plate held by a Eucharistic Minister and return to the rear of the church, via the center aisle.

9. After the LORD'S prayer and while the Celebrant breaks the consecrated Bread or the large Host for all to see during the Celebration of the Eucharist, the ushers will assemble in the rear of the church. When the Celebrant says: "[Alleluia] Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us: Therefore, let us keep the feast. [Alleluia]" Then proceed to the front of the church.

10. Then the Fraction Anthem, "Come to the Table", will be sung by everyone. At this time, some of the praise musicians go forward to receive communion; they should be directed to the end of the altar rail. If there are any handicapped members, they should be helped to the altar at this time.

11. After the Celebrant says, “the gifts of GOD for the people of GOD”, guide people to and from the altar rail during communion.

12. Direct those who are distributing communion to the disabled that are seated, so they may receive the Sacraments.

  After the Service


1. On Sundays that we have a visiting celebrant, the head usher should make certain that the counts are written down on the St. Johns Attendance form and place it on the Service Register in the Sacristy. Hand This form to Father Cliff at the end of the service or leave on the Service Register in the Sacristy. Don't enter the Numbers In the Book!!!

2. At the end of the Sunday Services ushers should be available to assist anyone needing direction to the coffee hour or answer any other questions.

3. Clean and pickup bulletins and papers in and around the pews and Altar.

 Special Holy Days Services

The procedures for the special holy days services will be announced prior to such services and at the discretion of the Rector or his appointee.

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